Compare AvaTrade’s Trading Platforms

Thanks to the rapidly increasing interest,  Forex trading has  evolved and has become a huge investment format in just a few years. One of the main drivers of the growing interest in the authenticity of the Forex/CFD market is AvaTrade, which allows traders of all types, whether new or experienced, to enter the markets.

Forex and CFD investments bring many advantages that are not found in other investment options to investors. The instant and maximum return opportunity is   one of the main reasons that attract the attention of investors in foreign exchange and CFD investments . However,  a good broker , market knowledge and a cutting-edge investment platform are essential for understanding the markets and achieving success.

In today’s investment environment, there are many investment platforms offered in the industry. Among them, there are those that offer extra features and advantages with a user-oriented and purposeful interface in order to make your investments as practical as possible. With a wide range of features and interfaces, the platforms, each of which is different in itself, appeal to all kinds of investors.

Investors’ individual preferences regarding the platform are always oriented towards the one that best suits their strategy and needs. However, you need to make sure that the platform you choose meets the needs of all investors who want to implement their investment strategies and achieve their investment goals:

  • Accuracy of Data
  • Narrow Spreads
  • Order Execution Speed
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Personalization Possibility
  • Platform Embedded or Downloadable Analysis Tools

At AvaTrade, we are aware that deciding which trading platform to choose to embark on the path to success in your trading career is not easy. You can start testing a platform at any time and, at your discretion, switch to a platform that best suits your needs. It will be to your advantage to do as much research as possible and consult someone who knows, especially if you are new to investments.

The most logical way to take your first step is to choose an investment platform that is easy to use, start exploring and learn as quickly as possible. You should never ignore the importance of choosing your investment platform, which will form the basis of your investments. The platform itself cannot guarantee you financial returns, but it can help you achieve your investment goals without too much trouble if it suits your trading style and level of experience.

About Investment Platforms

A trading platform is essentially software developed to connect the trader to the broker of his choice and related markets. On our platforms you can find instant sources of information such as live charts, price movements and the types of orders executed by us as your broker. At AvaTrade you have two options:

1) The investment program can be downloaded and used directly on the investor’s computer. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac  and Linux operating systems.

2) The other type is web-based investment program that runs on Java, a popular web software language  . This software, which is the favorite of many investors, can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

AvaTrade offers the ideal platform that best suits your trading needs. You can use all of our platforms for free and take advantage of advanced features at different levels, giving more options to traders with previous trading experience.

As all our platforms act as a bridge between us as the broker and you as the investor, you can easily access real-time data, historical data and all the tools you need to perform your investments efficiently. In addition, we offer a program called API that allows you to install third party software. When taking advantage of them:

  • No additional fees
  • Extra investment features available
  • Order interfaces can be used
  • Historical data is available
  • Its interface is very easy to use

Our Most Popular Platforms

Whether you are a new trader or seasoned, AvaTrade  offers the best forex platforms for traders of all types :

Compare Our Platforms and Features:

PlatformDetailMaximum LeverageMinimum FundingCurrent Assets Auto Investment SpreadsAccess
  • The world’s most popular investment platform
  • Embedded ‘Expert Advisor’ software and indicators
  • Free demo account
Over 60 currency pairs, CFDs, Commodities, Indices and Stocks

EA’lar, API

Whether competitive spreads or even lower minimum spreads with the MT4 variable spread accountPC, Web ve Mobil
Competitive Spreads
  • Take full advantage of the world’s most popular platform
  • Low spreads from 0.9 pips
  • Free demo account
Over 60 currency pairs, CFDs, Commodities, Indices and StocksInvestable account with competitive spreads. You can place your order at the lowest instant prices available on the interbank marketPC, Web ve Mobil
  • Over 40 forex parities, call and put options on gold and silver
  • Risk management tools embedded in the platform
  • Free demo account
$1,000Over 40 currency pairs, gold and silver

Competitive Spreads

PC ve Web
  • Ability to follow the most successful investors
  • Opportunity to benefit from signals from leading investment platforms
  • Free demo account
Over 50 currency pairs, CFDs and Stock IndicesCompetitive Spread Rates in Forex ParitiesPC, Web ve Mobil
Spread Betting (Metatrader4) only available for UK and Ireland residents
  • Spread betting on the world’s most popular platform
  • Easy viewing of charts and prices
  • Free demo account
Over 60 currency pairs, CFDs, Commodities, Indices and Stocks

Competitive Spreads

PC, Web ve Mobil

 AvaTrade offers a wide selection of trading platforms for both manual and  automated trading . We believe in empowering our investors so that they can feel comfortable in their own investment environment and make the right decisions.  We are sure that you will find the investment platform that best suits your level of knowledge and  investment style .

Join AvaTrade now  and make your investments according to your needs.